There is nothing more frustrating than having your passport photo refused, here at Buckleys we take great pride in the accuracy of our passport photography.


We have recently begun using the latest in biometric analysis (Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics.)

This along with computer aided composition helps us produce compliant passport photos.

No matter how you want it either printed or emailed we can meet your passport and visa needs.


You can call in at any time, no need for an appointment, and we can print your photos while you wait.

So dont leave it to chance, have you photo taken by the team at Buckleys


Price list:

New Zealand passport:   Printed $20.00,  Emailed $25.00, Combination of the two  $30.00.

Australian passport:   Printed $30.00, Emailed $25.00

USA Passport:   Printed $30.00

Babies (any country):   printed $30.00, Emailed $25.00




As well as being Southlands Passport Specialists we also stock a wide selection of the PacSafe range.

Passports and credit cards now use something called RFID technology, making it faster and easier to swipe and go. However, this technology comes with its fair share of risks as RFID chips are prone to wireless identity theft. Although there have been a number of measures taken in an attempt to reduce these types of incidents, they do still occur.


Why take the risk with your valuables and personal details. Identity crime is a global problem and New Zealanders tend to be trusting people, which could make this country appear to be a soft target. This is why vigilance and awareness are vital. Anyone with a RFID reader can get your information if they are close enough to the chipin either your credit card of your passport. The scanners necessary to snag your information are relatively easy and cheap to make, which is part of the reason why this type of scam is so popular.



Ask one of our team for help choosing the correct RFID protection for you.


Move through life confident that your personal information is safe. While convenient, RFID payments and smart passport technology can open up a chance for savvy thieves to skim your details from a distance. Stay secure with bags and wallets that use a special material to block unwanted scanners. Easy interactions, with added safety.